Mycoheterotrophologist reunion in Germany

Nicole has been enjoying the last two weeks as a visiting fellow at the University of Bayreuth Germany in the laboratory of Gerhard Gebauer. Long time friends and collaborators Vincent Merckx and Sofia Gomes also came down from Naturalis in Leiden to visit.

New paper on the effects of aboveground biological invasions on belowground arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi


Check out our new paper published in Biological Invasions on the spatial effects of biological invasions on the community composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

New paper on interdisciplinary studies of Hawaiian microbiomes


Check our our new perspectives piece published in a special issue of MSystems on Hawaiian microbiomes and collaborative research networks

Congrats Sherilyn!

Congratulations to Sherilyn on an awesome talk about endemism of the Hawaiian lichen species Cladonia skottsbergii as the culminating experience for her undergraduate research project. She won 2nd place in the among the College of Natural Science presenters! Great job!


So long Anna!

We had the pleasure of hosting Anna Landler (a high school student from Connecticut) for a few weeks this summer while she conducted independent research on arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of Hawaiian hosts across a moisture gradient. We’ll miss having you in the lab! And hope you keep studying fungi!


Welcome Cameron!



Welcome to our new Postdoc Dr. Cameron Egan! Cam completed his PhD with John Klironomos at UBC Kelowna and specializes in the ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Good thing, because he’ll be leading some of the work on our Hakalau forest restoration project. Welcome to the UH Mycology group Cam!