So long Tanja!


We’re sad to see undergraduate research assistant Tanja leave, but happy that she will be interning at Lyon Arboretum. Thank you for all your help over the last couple of years Tanja!

Undergrad research Assistant Danyel Yogi nominated for student employee of the year!


While she didn’t win, she’s still a winner to us! Congrats to lab member Danyel Yogi on her nomination and her acceptance into an NSF REU summer program at Cornell University – we’ll miss you!

Congrats to Lab Member Leah Thompson for her successful presentation at the Botany Graduate Symposium!


New opinion piece by Nicole and former Hynson & Amend Lab postdocs Laura & Jack!


Laura Tipton, Jack Darcy and Nicole Hynson have recently published a new opinion piece in Frontiers in Microbiology on enabling cross-talk between ecologists and microbiome scientists, check it out here!

Congrats to lab member Jerry Koko who just passed his PhD comprehensive exam!

The newly minted PhD candidate hard at work, who also just recently increased his fitness x1!


Congrats Jerry!

New paper on Hawaiian orchid mycorrhizal associations


Check out our newest publication in Annals of Botany on the mycorrhizal fungi associated with one of Hawaii’s endemic orchid species.