Congrats to high school mentee Anabel Kinsey

High school mentee Anabel completed her project on testing the efficacy of foliar fungi from leaf slurries on combating the pathogen Astropuccinia psidii the results are very cool and build upon prior work by former Botany MSc student Mason “Kama” Chock – foliar fungi significantly help native ohia seedlings combat the rust pathogen, her project was a finalist at the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools District Fair, learn more in her poster


Interview for New Scientist

Nicole was recently interviewed by New Scientist magazine to discuss tropical orchids and their mycorrhizal fungal networks.


New paper in PNAS!

We’re very excited to announce our most recent publication on the bacterial microbiome of O’ahu’s Waimea Valley. This study reflects the efforts of our longstanding collaborations among numerous faculty from a diversity of disciplines here at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who are all part of our institute C-MAIKI (Center for Microbiome Analysis through Island Knowledge and Investigation).

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Congrats Thomas and a hui ho!

Congratulations to lab member Thomas Chapin who successfully defended his MSc over the summer on the application of local mycorrhizal fungi for native Hawaiian orchid conservation. Here’s a link to his defense online.

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Nicole recently gave a keynote talk at the International Conference on Mycorrhizas, take a look!

Here is a link to Nicole’s ICOM talk on “Mycorrhizal -omics as a tool for restoration: what can amplicon sequencing tell us about ecosystem recovery?”

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Big Congrats to lab member Kacie!

Kacie has been an undergraduate research assistant in the lab for 4 years and is starting her Master’s this fall. She’s received the prestigious Hau’oli Mau Loa Fellowship as well as just gotten her first publication published in New Phytologist! This study was part of her Undergraduate Research Project in as part of our larger study examining the role of mycorrhizal fungi in native Hawaiian forest restoration. Congrats Kacie!