We’re hiring a postdoc!

The Hynson Lab is seeking exceptional postdoc applicants. Please read the job ad here and contact Dr. Hynson for more information.




Nature news piece on research in Palmyra


Our collaboration with SPUN researchers was recently featured in Nature

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Check out our recent publication on restoration isoscapes

Fresh off the press in PeerJ, check out our new publication on Isocapes of remnant and restored Hawaiian montane forests. Take home message: reforestation with monodominant stands of native nitrogen fixing trees don’t restore soil biochemical cycles

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New paper on stable isotope signatures of orchid mycorrhizal fungi

This collaborative work between Hynson lab members and Dr. Gerhard Gebauer’s lab just came out in New Phytologist, take a look!

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Field excursion

Last week Dr. Hynson and PhD student Allie Hall went deep into the Waianaes to sample soil from the last remaining wild Gardenia brighamii on Oahu. This is part of a project in collaboration with the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Oahu Army Natural Resources and the Plant Extinction Prevention Program to help with the restoration of this, and other native gardenia species using mycorrhizal fungi. Sadly the tree was dead, but we are hopeful that our research will aid in this species reintroduction and survivorship in the wild.


Congrats to high school mentee Anabel Kinsey

High school mentee Anabel completed her project on testing the efficacy of foliar fungi from leaf slurries on combating the pathogen Astropuccinia psidii the results are very cool and build upon prior work by former Botany MSc student Mason “Kama” Chock – foliar fungi significantly help native ohia seedlings combat the rust pathogen, her project was a finalist at the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools District Fair, learn more in her poster