Congrats to lab member Jerry Koko!

Congrats to Jerry for passing his defense yesterday! Sad that we couldn’t meet in person to congratulate him, but he still did a great job!


New paper from Hynson and Amend labs in PNAS


We’re excited that this one has finally gone to press – a 13 year study of the fungal aerobiota of the Mauna Loa Observatory!

Check out Nicole’s recent interview on the podcast “In Defense of Plants”


Nicole and host Matt discuss past and present research in the lab on mycorrhizae and wax philosophically about what fungi can teach us about life in general, you can listen by clicking here.

Congrats to undergrad research assistants Terry and Kacie for their successful poster presentation at the Lyon Arboretum Symposium!


New online book chapter on mycorrhizas

Cameron and Nicole have published a new online book chapter for eLS Wiley & Sons, check it out here!


Field course in stable isotope methods in ecology with University of Bayreuth

We just got back from the Hakalau Forest¬†National Wildlife Refuge on Hawaii Island where Nicole, Chris and Sean were leading a field course in stable isotopes in ecology with students from the University of Bayreuth Germany taught by Prof. Gerhard Gebauer. Using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis we’ll be examining how nitrogen fixation by the native tree Acacia koa differs between remnant and restored forest habitats.